What I do

Long-form blog posts 📝

Lead-generating SEO articles written with search intent in mind.

- What are your customers searching for?
- How can we provide the world's #1 resource for them?
- How can we do it naturally without keyword stuffing or unnatural language?

Usually between 1000-4000 words, each post serves to bring in new visitors and valuable leads.

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Content strategy 🔮

You know the value of content. You have a budget to allocate and maybe some writers in mind. But you're not sure where to start.

With a strategy package, we'll map out the content you need to start ranking for your chosen keywords. This might include:

- Identifying topic clusters/pillars you can build a content library around.
- Finding keywords and topics you have the best shot at ranking for.
- Idea generation for blog titles, topics and structures.
- Distribution recommendations for achieving the widest possible reach for your content.
- Clearscope briefs for each article you can give to your writers so they can get those A++ SEO scores.

The result - an actionable content framework with timescales and checklists.

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Content refreshing 🛁

Let's revive your zombie content.

Posts not performing like they should? Fallen off page 1 of Google? I can fix that.

With content refreshing, I spruce up your existing blog posts by:

- Conducting new interviews and outreach for quotes.
- Researching new keyword opportunities.
- Restructuring articles to match search intent.
- Providing the answers readers are really searching for.

The result - greatly improved SEO performance, without having to write new content.

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Content outlining 🏗

Already have a writer, but don't know what they should write?
Want to publish 12 posts this quarter but your idea pad has run blank?

I'll deliver a package of content briefs ready to give to your writers. This includes:

- Keyword research report for your chosen topic, targeting achievable performance goals.
- Individual Clearscope briefs your writers can use to ensure all keywords are used naturally.
- Content distribution checklist to ensure your writing gets in front of your potential customers.

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